The Holdsport Group comprises a portfolio of assets which incorporates retail, wholesale, manufacturing, distribution and e-commerce businesses focused on the sport, outdoor and recreation sectors.


Holdsport’s journey into the life of an average South African family began in 1986 when the first Sportmans Warehouse opened its doors to the public in Rondebosch, Cape Town. The Group has since become the leading specialist sports and outdoor goods retailer, trading countrywide through the Sportsmans Warehouse and Outdoor Warehouse brands.


The growth of Holdsport has been underpinned by its retail model which ensures that all the stores cover a large area and offer scale, diverse brands and technical expertise. Holdsport pioneered the concept of dedicating a retail environment to the active sporting and outdoor enthusiast, providing customers with quality branded merchandise at competitive prices. Group stores house private in-house labels as well as leading local and international brands.


It has also added Africa’s pinnacle specialty sneaker and apparel retail business, Shelflife, to its portfolio.


Through its independently managed manufacturing, wholesale and distribution business Performance Brands, it supplies and wholesales technical apparel and equipment to the sporting and outdoor industry. Performance Brands has passionately built brands such as First Ascent, Capestorm, Second Skins, and African Nature – to name a few.


Without our customers we would not exist. The majority of our employees are customer facing, mainly within the three retail businesses. This demonstrates the importance of ensuring we remain relevant to our national customer base by understanding their needs, and responding appropriately by providing products and a standard of service that meet those needs. Our teams that interact closely with customers are afforded appropriate training programmes to best serve these key stakeholders. Changing market dynamics and characteristics are monitored carefully to ensure awareness of any emerging trend and any need to change the offerings


Our committed team of employees are critical to our sustainable success and we therefore provide relevant training and development opportunities, transformation imperatives, fair and equitable reward, as well as career advancement opportunities by promoting from within and ensuring a strong succession plan is in place. Management adheres strongly to communication, and employees receive regular newsletter updates that cover progress and general news about the group. Employees are also encouraged to approach management with their personal views about the operating and service landscape, which ultimately serves to ensure that the Holdsport Group team remains centred on a culture of high-performance delivery.


Our focus is to provide value for investors, shareholders and equity partners. This is achieved by ensuring good profitability and robust cash generation that will deliver consistent financial returns. Holdsport Group’s quality asset portfolio and proven management team ensures the effective management of all resources, specifically people, time and funds. The Holdsport Group board and management drive appropriate capital allocation, which we see as key to sustainable value creation. Regular communications ensure that shareholders and partners remain up-to-date on group performance and progress.


We see our suppliers as partners in our ambition of creating value for all Holdsport Group stakeholders. We remain in close contact with our supplier base, which provides us with good insights into market dynamics and characteristics. By doing this we remain alert to changes in behaviours and developments, allowing us to remain well-positioned to adapt where necessary.


We contribute to South Africa’s fiscus and provide support – through expertise and funding – to various bodies and institutions that ensure the ongoing development and progress of the sectors in which we operate. We continually aim to enhance our role as a responsible corporate citizen in a well-functioning democracy. To achieve this, we ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations, and always adhere to strict ethics and governance.


We aim to create value for the communities, mainly in and around areas where we operate. Resources are provided for projects and campaigns that improve social development initiatives, specifically in support of our stakeholders, and where possible their families. We invest in initiatives focusing on various interventions, specifically in terms of sporting programmes, youth and enterprise development, social upliftment, and leveraging our skills to effect purposeful change.

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